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Focus Movement is a boutique Pilates studio with a range of class options designed to suit all different personal needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking for prenatal classes, injury rehabilitation or Pilates for beginners, we are one of the best Pilates studios in Singapore to choose from. 

Our unique pilates studio in Singapore allows us to help you reach your goals by finding the best way for you to move.

Physiotherapy & Pilates Singapore

Pilates Movement

We have various movement classes and levels here to keep you constantly challenged and motivated in achieving your personal fitness goals! Come sweat it out in one of our Pilates or Strength & Conditioning classes.


We offer rehabilitation in a positive and motivating fitness environment. Our internationally qualified Singapore Physios have established a unique Physio-Pilates system to help you recover from your injury/pains and bring you to a state where you are fitter and stronger than before! With our expert staff, advanced technology, and Pilates-inspired techniques, we offer the best physiotherapy in Singapore.

Pilates Courses

Looking to advance your career and teaching passion or deepen your knowledge as an instructor? We are the exclusive Polestar Pilates training host centre in Singapore, offering different workshops and courses to help you keep up with the latest developments.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a transformative form of exercise that combines fitness and body awareness. Developed by Joseph Pilates, it has become a popular and widely practised fitness method worldwide.

Pilates focuses on controlled movements, proper alignment and mindful breathing to increase your core strength and flexibility. Through focused concentration and precise movements, you’ll not only strengthen your body but also enhance mental clarity and reduce stress.

By consistently practising Pilates, you can expect to build long, lean muscles and increase overall body tone. Pilates can also aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation, supporting your overall well-being and quality of life.

Explore our
Pilates fitness classes

Join a Pilates class Singapore loves! No matter your fitness level, we have a Pilates class for you. Choose between group classes or private sessions with our attentive instructors and start your Pilates journey with us!

Reformer Pilates

Our Pilates Reformer classes are too good to miss! Master the Reformer machine while you strengthen and tone your body.

Pilates Mat

A full-body workout that increases balance, strength and better posture. This form of Pilates focuses on the fundamentals of the practice.


Prepare your body for childbirth by strengthening your core, pelvic floor and upper body, while also focusing on minimising body aches throughout your pregnancy journey.


Have neck or back pain? Our Backcare class incorporates safe, low-impact functional training exercises to reduce pain and promote a strong spine.

Stretch & Release

Use a range of props to alleviate joint stiffness and muscle tightness, while still working on your core fitness.

Strength & Conditioning

These fusion classes combine Mat Pilates exercises, TRX and weights. An intense workout that focuses on technique and alignment.


This full-body workout will have your blood pumping as you rotate between full-body workouts and Pilates equipment.

Private Pilates Classes

Want a customised Pilates workout not available in a group class? We offer private Pilates sessions so you can have a more intimate workout and learn what exercises are best for your body.

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