Pilates Reformer

Transform your body on the iconic Pilates Reformer machine, a versatile piece of workout equipment. With a wide variety of exercises, both beginners and advanced practitioners will find it easy to jump right in. Our small class sizes mean that our instructors can focus on each and every participant, providing you with effective training and a highly-personalised experience.

Strengthening and toning muscles through core control is the main goal of Pilates. Reformer machine workouts utilise full-range movements to lay the foundation of a strong, flexible and aligned body.

Benefits of Pilates Reformer

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Trial Class

If you’re new to Pilates Reformer, why not try
our 45min trial class which gives you an
opportunity to see if you like it before committing
to a package.

If you already have Pilates
experience, you can join one of our existing
classes on schedule and use this as your trial.

Trial Classes are $25 per person.

Group Class Package

If you enjoyed our trial class and wish to continue, you can sign up for either one of our group packages.

5 x Group Classes
10 x Group Classes
20 x Group Classes

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We have over 80 classes per week
We know you'll love it here, give us a try!

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