Professional Level

Polestar Mat Course

This course is currently not available. 


Suitable for

  • Those who seek career change to become an instructor
  • Those who have been practising Pilates for some time, wish to gain in depth knowledge and practical know how


Gateway Curriculum

  • The Mat course consists of two online modules and five contact days.
  • It consists of more than 60 exercises with variations and modifications.
  • You will learn the Pilates principles and Polestar’s approach to functional movement. Plus, topics like program design, exercise sequencing, techniques, cueing and everything you need to teach mat classes with confidence.



  • Consists of both theory and practical and is usually around 6-9 months after your last module.
  • Extra curriculum hours (assignments, observation, practice teaching, self-practice and mentoring) must be fulfilled prior to exam registration.
  • You may register for exam held at any Polestar Pilates host studio.

For schedule, fees or more information

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