The Polestar Principles module is the first step in the Professional Level Qualification, and follows on from the Gateway Course. This comprehensive non-apparatus course is carried out online and applies current research in movement science using the six core movement principles of Polestar Pilates. This is a mandatory foundation course for all streams.


  • 25hrs of Pilates experience, in group and/or private setting
Recognition and Certificate
  • Polestar Pilates is internationally recognised.
  • Attendance certificate is given for module(s) attended.
  • Qualification certification is awarded to those who pass the competency-based exam and is valid for two years.
  • Graduates must continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills via continuing education workshops/courses to maintain their qualification. Read more here.
Course Curriculum

The 10 hour online course consists of eight segments, each of which is available upon the completion of the previous one. Quizzes, resources and discussions qualify your learning as you progress.

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About Polestar Pilates Asia

A wide range of professionals working in medical facilities, performing arts conservatories and the fitness industry use Polestar Pilates. Polestar Pilates certifications are respected on an International level by the fitness and rehabilitation industries and are setting standards worldwide.