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Experience the benefits of Pilates through our virtual classes, where our experienced instructors will guide you through mat-based exercise routines to keep you fit from the comfort of your own home. Wake up to an energizing Stretch and Release, take a break with Multi-level Mat or get moving after sedentary work day with Cardio HIIT Pilates.

Virtual Group Classes

Choose from a wide range of Virtual Pilates classes and jump straight into
a full-body workout that will build your core strength, flexibility and body
alignment. It is the ideal low-impact exercise for unwinding from the stresses
of daily life and improving your mental health.

Virtual Private Pilates

Finding it hard to stay motivated on your exercise routine?
Our Private instructors will help oversee your workouts at home
with a customised program to help achieve your fitness goal!

Explore our group classes
Up for a Challenge?

Pilates Abs and Core A class lined up for you to challenge and workout all four sets of abdominals.

Pilates Total Body Conditioning Feel energised with this Pilates inspired fast-paced workout.

Multi-level Mat Similar to our multi-level reformer, this class is great for both beginners and experienced levels!

Pilates Total Body Conditioning A light cardio session that includes exercises that will help relieve aches, reduce stress and improves your strength.

Cardio HIIT Pilates A series of high intensity exercises designed to get your heart pumping and working up a sweat!

Core and Body Weight Training A fun dynamic workout that includes core challenge, legs strengthening and body weight exercises.

Get a good Stretch

Stretch and Release This class gets your joints and tight muscles moving to get the relief you need and be set for a great day ahead!

Spine and Hip Mobility This class takes you through different short sequences to bring more space and mobility into your spine and hips. Feel taller and move with greater ease!

Reset Your Spine This class targets to release the muscles in your neck and back including mobility stretches to fire up those stability muscles that you have been sitting on all day.

Backcare A range of safe exercises to work on both mobility and strength to help ensure your back, neck and shoulders stay fit and healthy. 

Prenatal Pilates Work on a range of exercises to gently strengthen and tone your body to prepare for birth.

Move with us Virtually

Join your favourite instructors and
workout in the comfort of your own home!