Make moments for Movement

At Focus, we offer a range of group classes so that you can
experience a variety of different movements.

Group Classes

Our group classes are kept small so you will receive an optimum level
of personal attention. Each of our instructors brings their own style and
personality to the classes they teach creating a unique experience for all!

Private Lessons

Private sessions are on a 1on1 or 1on2 basis and are beneficial because
the instructor can design programs for your specific needs. In a private session,
you can utilise the full range of Pilates equipment progressing at your own pace.

Explore our group classes
Reformer & Equipment

Pilates Reformer Pilates classes are a great way to improve your strength, flexibility and posture.

Backcare Reformer Specifically designed for people with back and neck pain in mind. There will be specific exercises to assist you in building your core strength in order to support your spine.
Prenatal Reformer Pilates is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise to prepare your body for birth, support it while you are pregnant and help you to recover after giving birth.
Strength & Conditioning This mat session incorporates Pilates exercises and challenging suspension training; conducted with the same intense focus on technique and alignment as a regular Pilates class.

Circuit Class This class will challenge the body in many unique ways not possible on the reformer to help you get even better results from your Pilates practice.
Mat & Movement

Pilates MatThis class will guide you through the Pilates routine to help tone and strengthen the muscles. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time at their desks or are looking for an extra challenge.

Backcare Mat The class will include specific exercises to assist you in building your core strength in order to support your spine.
Stretch & ReleaseThis class is perfect for alleviating joint stiffness and muscle tightness using a variety of props and resistance bands. 

Spine & Hip Mobility This session takes you through different short sequences to bring more space and mobility into your spine and hips. Feel taller and move with greater ease!
We know you'll love it here, give us a try!

Join our group reformer trial class for only $28. Contact our studio and we’ll get you started.

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