Pilates Mat

A minimalistic workout with maximum results, Pilates Mat returns to the fundamentals to hone your technique and muscle control. The flowing choreography of mat work is a full-body routine that will enhance your strength, flexibility and endurance while remaining easy on the joints.

Reformer novices and veterans alike can benefit from the foundational skills acquired in Pilates Mat, which translates directly to equipment skills. If you book a Mat class using your Reformer package, $10 will be credited back to your Mindbody account for you to use on your next package purchase.

Benefits of Pilates Mat

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Trial class

If you’re new to Mat Pilates why not try one of our group trial class which gives you opportunity to see if you like it before committing to a package. If you already have Pilates experience and you want to try out Focus you can join one of our existing classes on our schedule and use this as your trial. Classes are $28 per person.

We have over 80 classes per week