Focus on Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Our team of experienced Physiotherapists assess and treat a client’s condition through prescribed clinical and exercise treatments involving manual physiotherapy treatment, ultrasound, lumbar or cervical traction, rehabilitation on Pilates equipment
(called Physio Pilates) or home based exercises.

Specialising in

• Back, neck, shoulder and postural care
• Sports and/or occupational injuries
• Neurological and/or orthopaedic conditions
• Post-surgery recovery therapy

Our approach

At Focus, we have established a unique system to help you not only recover from injury and/or post-surgery but to bring you to a state of fitness where you are fitter and stronger than before your injury.

Most healthcare interventions deal with short-term treatment rather than long-term prevention. Quite often after you have been discharged the underlying muscle imbalance and inadequate movement strategies remain, which means you are more susceptible to re-occurring injury.

Our Physiotherapists

Our internationally qualified Physiotherapists are also educated in comprehensive Polestar Rehabilitation and/or Clinical Pilates training programmes. Our experienced Physiotherapists assess and treat clients’ conditions through prescribed clinical and exercise treatments.

Get moving again

Speak with one of our physiotherapists to see how we can help you with
your condition and injury so we can get you moving pain free again.